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PAW Osteocare® Joint Health Chews
PAW Osteocare® Joint Health Chews


Each PAW Osteocare chew contains:

  • 500 mg Glucosamine Sulfate: to provide cartilage nutrition for joint cartilage health and joint function.
  • 250 mg Chondroitin Sulfate: is a major component of joint cartilage and is required for cartilage and joint health.
  • Balanced combination of other nutrients for joint health: PAW Osteocare chews also contains other ingredients such as MSM and a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that work together to maintain the health of your dog’s joints.
  • Highly palatable chew: A tasty kangaroo based chew that is easy to give to your pet on a daily basis.

Why use

Intended for dogs that are:

  • Large breed dogs where joint health & function improvement is important.
  • Dogs who enjoy a high level of physical activity.

The Blackmores difference

Highly palatable chew: A tasty kangaroo based chew that is easy to give to your pet on a daily basis.



Initial Dose: For best results an initial daily dose should be provided as follows for the first 4 weeks:

  • 5 – 10 kg:  1 Chew
  • 11 – 25 kg:  2 Chews
  • Over 25 kg:  3 Chews

For dogs less than 5 kg a maximum of ½ chew daily should be administered.


Maintenance Dose (also suitable for joint health).

After the first 4 weeks, the daily dose should be reduced to the following:

  • 5 – 10 kg:  ½ Chew
  • 11 – 25 kg:  1 Chews
  • Over 25 kg:  2 Chews

For dogs less than 5 kg a maximum of ½ chew daily should be administered.

This dose is also suitable to aid joint health in younger dogs that have a pre-disposition to a joint problems later in life.

Each PAW Osteocare product contains approximately 100 chews.


Avoid inhalation of dust. For animal treatment only.

Physical description

A dark brown, flat round dog chew.  Approximately 5 g.

Each PAW Osteocare Joint Health Chews product contains approximately 100 chews. 

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Hi, Would these chews be safe to use for a 15yr old small dog with a liver issue. My vet has said to give him glucosamine for his arthritis but not fish oil because of his age and liver issue. Thank you
Do you no longer carry the osteo support plus? Its been out of stock for a while :(
I just purchased my first lot of your Osteocare joint health chews to give my 2 dogs. I noticed that your ingredient contains glucosamine sulfate and not glucosamine hydrochloride, I have done a bit of research and it shows Glucosamine sulfate requires compound stabilisers in the form of salts and has 74% purity. Glucosamine HCl lacks the sulfate group and has 99% purity. Therefore, glucosamine HCl in a dosage of 1,500 mg equals a dosage of 2,608 mg of glucosamine sulfate. My question is other products like Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus with MSM Chewable Tablets contains Glucasamine HCI instead of Glucasamine Sulfate and im wondering if there was a specific reason or benefit in Sulfate over Hydrochloride as Sulfate is has a less purity. Will look forward to a response.
My container (batch 9171-exp 20/06/2021) states: “Taken daily, PAW Osteocare.................may help imporve your dog’s joint health..........”. Can you help me confirm this is a spelling error by you or could be a fake product please?
Why does it say use with caution in animals with bleeding, liver or kidney disorders? I have an 11 year old shar-pei and she seems to be worse after I give them to her. She has also had a dose of shar-pei fever which can cause kidney failure. I'm just wondering if these Osteocare chews have bought this on?
My 8 yr old Belgian Shepherd Groenendael LOVES the taste of the Osteocare Joint Health Chews, and he views them as his daily treat! He was a bit reticent at first, but now gobbles them up, and nudges the pot on my desk if I am late in giving him his morning dose! He has seemed a lot better on the chews, and they are obviously helping his arthritis. I purchase them in the large 500g pot as they are cheaper, and the best part is that they work and the dog thinks them delicious! I noticed a major difference after 3 weeks. Thank you Blackmores, for helping us take care of our beloved pets, naturally.
Why am I unable to buy keeps saying its a problem ay tour end for the last two days?
May I know the expiry date of this product? Thank you!